Why get paid in bitcoin?


Bitcoin received on Pay Day
and is available immediately.

Low Fees

$1 per Transaction.
Bitcoin Association of Australia members receive a 10% discount.


One Time Setup.
Automatic from then on.

Getting started is really simple

Step 1

Register onsite and provide your work details.

Step 2

Receive new pay information.

Step 3

Give your new pay information to your employer.

Step 4

Receive your selected amount of your next pay in bitcoin.

Features & benefits

Great Rates

We source bitcoins from a number of sources both locally and internationally to ensure we get the best price. We pass these benefits on to you through the best rates, week in, week out.

Multiple addresses

You can split your bitcoin payment to multiple address. Send some to a cold wallet for saving. A phone wallet for spending.

Fast payments

Bitcoin offers a near instantaneous payment. As soon as our system receives notification of your pay, your bitcoins will be dispatched.

Security & Privacy


Secure SSL protected site.


We DON'T hold your funds,
Bitcoin pay is transferred immediately.


Only you know you are being
Paid In Bitcoin.

The team


Adam Poulton has been involved with several bitcoin projects dating back to 2012. Recent work has been with the Bitcoin Association of Australia in promotion of bitcoin and its benefits to the wider Australian population and involvement with the Federal Government and its agencies in getting bitcoin treated in a fair and equitable manner throughout the relevant regulatory framework.


Lucas Cullen is a software engineer with extensive experience in the banking industry and regularly contracts to government agencies. He has been developing and building bitcoin related services for the past three years both for private businesses and for open source communities. Lucas has used this previous experience to design the background architecture to allow Get Paid In Bitcoin to intermediate between the established payroll system that businesses use and the bitcoin exchange and bitcoin delivery system. Lucas is a sitting board member of the Bitcoin Association of Australia.


Shane Stevenson is an experienced software engineer with extensive experience designing and building global, scalable and secure software. Shane founded CoinTree bitcoin exchange in 2013 and is bringing the experience and knowledge from the establishment of CoinTree to Get Paid In Bitcoin where he manages the exchange platform and user interface.


Advisory Board


CTO & Founder at Fuzo. 25+ years of solid experience in innovation, R&D, technology commercialisation, technology transfer, development and marketing product/technology roadmaps, building secure infrastructure, wireless networks, devices and smartcard and security products.


15 Years experience in the IT industry. CEO at Autech, a world leading colour solutions provider. Councillor at Brand Tasmania, Past Non Executive Director at NBN Co and Current Alderman of Launceston City Council.


Small business & start-up adviser who has the experience of being an entrepreneur in a number of successful start-up ventures in the action sports, e-commerce and ICT/digital media industries.


Completed a Law / Commerce Degree at university with first class honours and a Masters of Economics. International Tax Consultant at PwC for 4 years. I write about Bitcoin and Blockchain tech at www.theweekinbitcoin.com.